Johann Gottlieb Eytzinger
Wilhelm Scheuring
Werner H. Scheuring

The Tradition of Manufacturing Gold Leaf

The manufacture of gold leaf is a craft with a 5000 years of history and tradition. During the reign of the Pharaohs, craftsmen beat gold leaf to a thickness similar to our product. Gilded objects in Cairo's Egyptian Museum reveal that the most superior methods known to us, including the use of water gilding, has been mastered by these early gilding artisans.


The Eytzinger Gold Leaf Factory was established as a manufacturer in 1867 in Nurenberg by Johann Gottlieb Eytzinger, a well-know cheese producer. The Crocodile Brand name (Marke Krokodil) owed to one of his sons, an enthusiast of crocodile hunting. In 1950, the gold leaf factory was moved to the nearby town of Schwabach, where it remains to this day.


A new family came to the helm of Eytzinger in 1972, when Wilhelm Scheuring bought the business and managed it until his death.


His son, Werner H. Scheuring, took over for several years. Today, the company is managed by Christian Scheuring.